Sizes, Prices & Process

Prices listed are exclusive of Virginia sales tax.  For shipping addresses in Virginia, kindly add 6% of the indicated price to cover taxes.   Due to the recent Supreme Court ruling, it is necessary to add 6% VA sales tax to all purchases.  Sorry! 

Edition sizes are limited as follows:
      Letter size [up to 18 x 27 cm image size (about 7 1/16 x 10 5/8 inches)] - 100 exemplars  (priced at $150)
      Exhibition sized (by special order only; printed to order)
        30 x 45 cm - 25 exemplars + artist's proof  -  (priced from $300)
        40 x 60 cm - 20 exemplars + artist's proof  - (priced from $500)
        For select, high pixel count images, the following sizes are available:
             70 x 105 cm - 10 exemplars + artist's proof   - (priced form $1500)
             Special (larger) - up to 5 exemplars + artist's proof  - (priced according to size) 

Note that the pixel count in prints is a function of size, with the smaller prints being subsampled. The aim is to produce an image that is sharp when viewed under comfortable viewing conditions. The larger images are generally overresolved according to that criterion, which is to say they still look sharp even when viewed from closer than the most comfortable viewing distance.

Owing to the variety of subject matter, technical and artistic considerations, the sizes of the prints vary.  Letter size prints are made using either letter size (216 x 279 mm) or A4 (210 x 297 mm) substrate, with margins of at least 12 mm, depending upon which will result in the larger image. I will always print your Letter sized image on whatever sized substrate that will result in a larger image. 

The images of dimensions 40 x 60 cm and below are individually printed by me using my Epson Pro 3800 printer and Epson Ultrachrome™ K3 archival pigments, on archival quality fine art matte substrate composed of 100% cotton. Larger images are printed using the identical process. I maintain essentially no inventory, so your photographs will be printed to order. After printing, the individual prints are air dried for 96 hours before being framed or shipped. Framed prints, available only through gallery or museum exhibitions, are attached to an acid-free museum quality mounting board. An acid free, museum quality mat is used as are acid-free archival quality attachment materials.  You will note that prints on display in galleries are priced higher, reflecting the added cost of framing materials.

Each photograph is signed and numbered, and in the case of Exhibition sized prints, a coded tracking number is written on the back. The information is written down and saved, so will be always available for authentication.

Letter sized images are mailed flat, while larger images are sent rolled up via Federal Express

Prices are subject to change without notice.
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