Part of the discipline I impose upon myself is to always attempt to use the full frame when taking a picture. Therefore most of my works have a dimension ratio of 2:3. Occasionally, that goal is not achievable and I crop to a square image (dimension ratio 1:1)

All my standard sized works are printed by me to order using an Epson P900 9-color printer using genuine Epson archival pigments. I use MOAB Entrada Bright, 100% cotton, pH-buffered archival media for all color work, and either MOAB Entrada Bright, MOAB lasal exhibition luster or MOAB slickrock metallic pearl (all archival media) for monochrome prints. Prints are air-dried for 96 hours before shipping. Thus my prints are "Archival Pigment Prints".

Each print is assigned a unique serial number which is written in pencil on the reverse side along with the edition number and my signature. If requested, I will sign the print on the front side in the lower right corner in black archival ink.

As of 15.01.24